This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working the NYC Marathon on miles 21 and 22. This would be my 2nd time working this marathon but this time I would learn something.  This time, I realized I was also in a marathon of my own towards my own goals.  This time, it was a bitterly cold and windy day where the start of the race had to be delayed and I could relate, not on an athletic level, but on an emotional one.  Here are the 3 things I learned that day.

1. When you have reached your goal, you’re not done – you’re just getting started. I learned this from watching the professional runners.  I knew as I watched them that this was their career, whether it was their first marathon or tenth marathon. I knew that once they completed this race, it was time to train for another, time to push themselves even more. Sure, they celebrated, but they celebrate knowing there is a new race to run, a new goal to meet so they can continue their reputation as a contender, as a competitor.  This taught me that if I want true longevity, that each completion of a goal, no matter how small, should lead to the appearance of another goal.

2.  If you’re too tired to run, then walk, but never stop.  I learned this from the safety section on my lanyard.  It told us to encourage runners to walk if they are tired because it moves the flow of blood to the other organs, but if a runner stops after running that long (remember I was at mile 21 and 22) that they can become dizzy, experience nausea, or faint.  This taught me that if we stop working towards our goals even in the smallest of ways, we can lose so much of the required momentum that we risk not being able to continue at all.

3. Run no matter what.  I learned this because of the awful weather that morning.  It was much colder and windier than the last time I had worked the race and I was concerned for the runners as they were supposed to start on the Verrazano Bridge and the forecast said that the conditions would not improve.  However, as I saw the runners, I saw many of them had on different gear.  They had on partial sleeves or leggings under their shorts. They had on gloves and hats.  They made their adjustments and they ran anyway – not just the pros but all the participants.  The weather was nothing but another adjustment to make; it wasn’t a gamebreaker.  This taught me the importance of the strength of will and self-discipline because those are the things that enable one to run in the rain, in the wind, in the cold, as well as in the sun.

Like those runners, all of our goals, speeds, and reasons may be different but the aim is the same and that is finish what we have started.  I left feeling inspired and determined.

So what’s inspiring you these days? Tell your tale in the comments.

– Queen D. Scott

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Frank Bruno

Hey Danielle:

You are so right about the three things you learned this past weekend. You are so right about: “When you have reached your goal, you’re not done – you’re just getting started.” Yes, and it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve. Your comments are so encouraging to me that if you get knocked down, get up again and start over and never stop.

Till the next time we meet or speak be well.

Kindest regards,


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