While I’m sure nobody is home wondering why I my artist moniker is Queen D. Scott, I’ve decided to tell you anyway because being a queen is one of the most important things about me and I figure if you’re reading this blog or listening to my music, you’d want to know a bit about my evolution.  To cut down on my rambling, I’ve decided to limit this to 6 points.  So, here goes:

#1: I’m tired of being a bitch.

Or a whore or a slut or whatever other name women are subjected to these days.  I am the exact opposite of that.  I am powerful. I am capable. I am regal.

#2: I am tired of being a nigger.

I know there is a lot of debate over whether or not there is still negative connotation to this word or if can be used in a positive light.  If you’re one of those people, let’s agree to disagree. In entertainment and particularly music, there are too many “bitches” and “niggers.” I decided I needed to balance out what I was hearing and how I was referred to so I called myself a queen.

#3: I’m tired of “bros before hos.”

As if a woman’s companionship and friendship have no value. Why? Because a woman hurt you or played games?  Please. That can be done by any gender.  There is no need to diminish us to show solidarity of brotherhood.  I’m a queen, so I compliment my king. I don’t sabotage him or his friendships.

#4: I’m not waiting for the entertainment industry to realize reasons 1-3.

If I don’t see myself as a queen and treat myself as such, who else will? How I treat myself will start to reflect not only in my own confidence, but in the company I keep.

#5: Out of respect for my community.

Me being a queen is not to put myself above others.  I am a queen because a queen’s responsibility is to her people (i.e. her neighborhood, family, friends, countrymen) to listen to them, to help them in anyway and to fight for them when necessary.

#6: Because writing this anthem wasn’t enough.  I had to become it and embody it.

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Queen D. Scott

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