I love you guys, but it is time to hunker down or a while.

I wrestle a lot with making time to hang out with friends and family while working and pursuing these dreams.  But, the fact of the matter is I have 2 jobs: I have my job that I use for survival and I have my dream job that is still unfolding and growing and I need to start acting like it.  I think a lot of us creatives/entrepreneurs struggle with this guilt we put on ourselves that somehow because the profession we are pursuing is something we want to do versus something we have  to do, it is not real, or valid, and, so, therefore, it will play second fiddle to any distraction that comes along.

When I was in music college we had a term for this hunkering down.  It was called “the shed.” Shedding was also a verb meaning to practice by intently studying a specific song/riff until you got it in every single key, forwards and backwards.  So, if you told a fellow musician you were going in the shed, it was an understanding. The coaxing to go out would stop out of respect for the shed and because of that respect there was no guilt.  However, now that we’re all grown up and have bills to pay, we treat dreams like fairy tales instead of real goals to work towards, so we feel guilty when we invest in them which is really investing in ourselves.

It’s not that friends and family don’t support you and want to see you succeed; they just want to see you and hang out. They simply don’t understand like my fellow musicians understood and frankly, they don’t have to; We do.  We have to understand that this dream job takes real work and treat it as such. Now, by no means am I saying I am not going to hang out with you guys, but I am saying, if I have scheduled myself to work my second job (my dream job) after I get off my first job, then I will not be hanging out that day.  I am saying that just like I won’t get paid if I don’t go to my first job, things will not pay off if I don’t go to work my dream job as often as I can.

BUT, since this post is a late epiphany, no I am not canceling bowling this weekend. :-)

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