Measure twice, cut once.  I’m finally learning what this really means.  It’s more than a lesson in preparedness; it’s a lesson in patience.  It takes patience to actually take the time to double back and make sure you measured correctly versus just running in and cutting away.  It takes patience to think about the value of the cloth and take steps to make sure it is preserved instead of rushing to waste it.  Measure twice, cut once. Patience.

There has been a lot of measuring going on… of time. Measure twice, cut once.

Time is the most expensive cloth you could ever think of cutting, so, damn right, I’m gonna measure twice! :-) What I mean here is I stay in constant review of my daily routine.  What is invigorating or exhausting, what is productive, what is working, and most importantly what is actually possible.

Measure twice, cut….. a lot of times.  It’s the measurement part that I take out of this saying, okay!

I’m in my fourth month of full-steam-ahead musical pursuit and I’m learning a lot about my independent work flow.  I’ve adjusted my routine what seems like a million times and am still making adjustments, although they seem more minor now.  I have patience with myself to allow for those adjustments.  I have patience with myself to grow.  I have patience with myself to learn.  I have patience to measure my intention, my development and my progress.

Measure twice. Patience.

It takes humility to have this patience.  The ego wants to run with all ideas because they are all brilliant and we are already awesome.  The ego knows everything already or trivializes what we don’t know and is highly confident in our abilities.  I love the ego; we need it to remind us of our worth.  However, we need a balance of humility to allow us to stumble, rework, study, and edit our work.

Measure twice (once with humility, once with patience), cut as many times as you need. No judgement here. :-)

You got that measure-twice patience, too? Share your story with me in the comments.

– Queen D. Scott

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