3163039837_bff6ae68a3_bLately, it has seemed that the world is crashing down around me.  I’ve been having horrible asthma attacks, I hurt my wrist which has prevented me from practicing, my car got a flat tire, I lost a day of work with time-and-a-half pay… I could go on, but it’s just a depressing list and I want my blog to be about inspiration.  I have noticed that when I was proceeding with business as usual, unfocused on my goals, not really reaching for anything, not truly striving, my life was mostly uneventful.  All of this drama has come at a time where I have noticed a change in me, a more confident commitment to my dreams with more consistency and focus supporting my efforts.  It seems that all that is swirling around me is, as grandma would say, “Nothin’ but the devil.”

It got me thinking about breakthroughs.  Maybe as we commit to ourselves and mentally and/or emotionally reach higher levels of self, things must break around us as we push through them.  Maybe the breaking is a test of our commitment, our focus, our will.  It’s very easy for these unfortunate circumstances to become excuses for us to just stop all together or worse, wait for the “perfect” time.  Now, I’m not saying there is no exception to this rule, but there will also never be a time where conditions are perfect where we will soar the skies with not even a bit of turbulence.  That is not real life and if you or I attempt to wait for such a time, we will wake up one day having missed it.

But as grandma would also say, “Not today Satan!”

In the midst, of this chaos, I will press.  I will continue.  More than that, I will thrive. I will grow.  I will be the exception to the expectations that tell us who we should become and what we should do with ourselves.  I will break through (yes, pun intended), and when the dust settles, I will look back on it with the satisfaction of being on the other side of it.

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