My Hip-Hop Ensemble Students

My Hip-Hop Ensemble Students

As I have become more regimented with my musical practice, I wondered, if I didn’t have a musical background, where would I go to learn how to develop practice skills for hip-hop.  So, I googled it and found nothing.  It frustrated me because hip-hop is the most popular music of American culture today, yet it still remains the bastard child of music.  It is not claimed by the traditional musical communities and its history is not taught along side the history of other music or even American music.

I understand that there are elements of being an MC that cannot be taught just like you cannot teach everyone to write on the level of a professional author.  However, once you have found someone with that sort of writing talent, there are some things that one can teach to help them develop that talent.  So, I found a need and decided to fill it, because as much as I love to perform and write, I love to share through teaching.

So, I made a Google+ community where I share tips for MCs primarily, but also for hip-hop producers and invite people to do the same as well as ask questions.  I also give consultations via Google Helpouts.  Why? Because music is music is music.  Using the voice to beatbox/MC is triggering the same biological response as singing.  Good practice habits are needed for all types of music and, in my opinion, hip-hop is as valid as classical music.  Moreover, I’ve found that the same principles I apply classically, I also apply to hip-hop.

So, here I am teaching again.  This time teaching that in hip-hop, we are musicians, we are vocalists, we are valid.


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