Y’all let me know if I’m trippin’ – So I watched the live feed of the announcement from the CDC of the Ebola case in the US. And a reporter asked if the infected person was a US citizen. The part of me that assumes the best in people thought that maybe the reporter was just trying to get information about the person because the CDC was not releasing the person’s name and limited the information that they did give out. But then there was this other part of me that sprung up and questioned the purpose of that question. Are we now going to use this case to say that immigrants/foreigners are dirty, disease infested peoples which must be kept out? Was she trying to “nicely” ask if the person was African? What is the importance of the question? Really, what is the point? There were so many other questions that needed to be asked.
In other news, stocks are up for pharmaceutical companies that work on Ebola treatments. The headline literally says, “Ebola stocks rise after case announced in US…” I’m just saying though…
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