Facebook always asks me “What do you want to share?” I usually say “I don’t want to share anything, Facebook. Stop asking me.” But I HAVE to share. I’m COMPELLED to share this journey. This is because everyone knows about the “starving artist” without knowing the first thing about the “starving artist.” The sacrifice we make for our craft is seen as a weakness and insanity but artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, creators of any kind, what we do is tantamount to following the tenets of basically every major religion. We believe in our higher purpose, we walk by faith against what the world says we should do, and become a blessing to others in so doing. That all requires sacrifice, meditation, strength, prayer. Everyone says the ultimate question people ask is “Why am I here?” The starving artist who is ridiculed is actually blessed to know the answer to that question. And while we may starve and go without, we feast on our passion and our purpose. So we’re not crazy or irresponsible – we are the most purposeful, spiritual people you will ever meet. And these musings are the story of one such person. Run-tell-dat!

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