From great food to battling a respiratory infection as an asthmatic, it’s been a great start to my holiday season! Sadly, my posting has suffered due to all the mayhem and for that I apologize.  Please forgive me for not yet having mastered the art of blogging/social media-ing during the holidays and flu season. However, the good news is that in all of this I have taken stock of my expectations for myself and discovered that in fact, I am NOT superwoman. Just a mere mortal queen.  A human who, ya know, requires sleep sometimes, and coffee always. A human that is governed by the laws of time.

There is just not enough time to be a social media/blogging goddess AND a music goddess.  My music was suffering, always taking a back seat to my writing schedule and deadlines and to-do lists and emails and the list goes on and on.  During this involuntary hiatus I realized that I needed to make an adjustment (again, I know) so that I can realize my original intention of being a music goddess…. who just so happens to share her journey online.

On the flip side, I used to just be about the music…only.  To the point where I forgot about the connections it forges. This was back when I had other people who thought about that “stuff” for me and reminded me to post, etc.  It wasn’t until now, starting over, that I have to find this balance, this patience with myself.

So, in the spirit of connection, of balance, and accountability to you my audience of friends and family, near and far, I present to you my shiny, “new-and-improved” schedule of posting.  And I promise to not just disappear, but to send a friendly (or sickly) hello with any changes to said schedule. Deal? Cool. Here goes:

This Blog: Every other Friday

FB Official Page: Mondays & Fridays

Twitter: A lil’ somethin’ everyday

Instagram: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

Hip-Hop Vocal/Production Tips (Google Plus Community): Once per month

I realize now that these posts are like tiny meetings between us and missing them without giving a reason, even if it’s a good reason, is like flaking on those meetings. Some of you may just be learning me, but many of you have known me for years and I cherish your support, and this ability to connect. Just wanted to let you know I don’t take you for granted and let you all know I’m still here.

– Queen D. Scott


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